Global Referendum on the future of Gavdos and men

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R     E     F     E     R     E     N     D     U    M

PIFEA presents the

Global Referendum on the future of Gavdos & men

Beloved one,

On this fine day, we ask for a bit of your time, so that you focus on the “here and now”. And exactly here and now, to imagine that you live in a fairytale and you are a queen, or a king, with the power to change the world.

Truly, Your Highness, how would you wish Your kingdom to be organised?

Subject to availability, let us say that the kingdom lays here, on our favorite island, Gavdos.


Three options appear:

1st Option

The kingdom of Gavdos resembles the world as it is today. The citizens of the kingdom live as if there is no tomorrow, their favorite quote being “whatever we can eat and drink today, tomorrow we will see what happens”.

Not even the queen herself can change something, since everybody serves the god of money- let us call him Myeuro. By the looks of it, Myeuro lately decided to depart on vacation to another kingdom and, as a result, everybody is looking for him.

In an ultimate effort to make Myeuro return, so that the huge economic problems of the kingdom are resolved, the queen gives her permission for the construction of state-of-the-art mining plants for the extraction of oil and gas from the fields on the outskirts of the island.

Sure enough, the kingdom becomes one of the richest in Europe, while the pollution of the environment and the over-exploitation of the natural resources are problems to be dealt with after their occurrence.

Welcome to the island of Myeuro, to the Kingdom of Mortals!


2nd Option

The queen feels that something needs to be changed in her kingdom. So, she chooses to follow the global ecological trends and create the “Green Kingdom of Gavdos”. The ecological development of the kingdom is the main priority, with a keen eye to the preservation of its character as untouched from civilisation as possible.

Ecotourism is being developed, traditional hotels and houses are being built, the old paths are being maintained, the need for energy is being covered by renewable sources- the sun and the wind, there is minimisation and recycling of waste etc.

All the citizens live happily and in harmony with the nature. So do the visitors of the kingdom. The island is a last paradise on Earth, an oasis of natural beauty and serenity that allows one to forget the ugly reality “out there”.

Welcome to the island of Kalipso, to the Kingdom of Oblivion!


3rd Option

The queen acknowledges that her kingdom is situated on a planet with many serious problems. And as long as these remain unresolved, they will continue to knock on her kingdoms’ door.

In a moment of divine inspiration, she realises that whatever exists around her, has been created by someone- from her very own crown to the stars above. So she decides that the only solution is to undertake a task that has never been done before: together with her citizens to create a new world.

Everyone is invited for participation to the game of co-creation. The only available tool, for the understanding of the cosmic laws of construction, is communication through speech and writing. Communication is a uniquely human characteristic that differentiates humans completely from the stone, plant and animal kingdoms.

Gradually, they discover that the qualities of their kingdom are the result of the interaction between them, with the other kingdoms of nature, and, also, with the divine. And that, ultimately, it is human behavior and activity that create the world.

So, now, the citizens, consciously, undertake the responsibility of the creator: they choose such words, behaviors and activities that make each one and all together truly Human.

The news spread far and beyond the boarders and visionaries from other kingdoms arrive in order to participate to the creation of the new world. As a result of the new way of communication, the co-creators develop the ability to find solution to any problem that arises, regardless of its size or difficulty, by putting aside differences like nationality, religion, gender, and others.

Soon, it becomes obvious that one lifetime is not enough for the construction of a new world. And they decide to live as long as needed, in order to have all the time necessary to complete their task.

The invitation remains open, of course, to the ones that feel like participating in such an undertaking.

Welcome to the island of Apollo, to the Kingdom of the Immortals!


What do you choose here and now?

If you find yourself to be reading these lines on Gavdos, we invite you to pick a tiny piece of gavdocian immortality from the basket of your choice. You can vote at Kastri, Sarakiniko and Agios Ioannis-where there is the relevant photo exhibition “The three kingdoms of Gavdos”.

In autumn 2011, when the Global Referendum for the Future of Gavdos and men will conclude, we will count the remaining pebbles in each basket. Needless to say, on Gavdos will be applied the option with the fewest pebbles left!

Have a magical summertime!

You can read more about our ideas @ και

Pythagorean Institute of Philosophical Studies for the Immortality of Man- PIFEA 2011

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