Joyful Announcement

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In April 2012, on the American continent, in Costa Rica, an infant was born, whο is intended to take the papal throne. He will unite all Christian churches and will become their head. He will absorb the essence of all of the former popes and patriarchs of all the churches of all times, and will cleanse the church of the accumulated historical dirt and foreign impurities.

Presently, will be appointed temporary guardians of the throne. Conclaves will fuss and Church in transition will undetake failing attempts to select the heads of the churches and patriarchs among the old.

The birth of this child and the abdication of the Pope Benedict XVI mark the end of two thousand years of work of Apostle Peter on the creation and maintenance of a stone church. The birth of this child signals the transition to the United World Christian Church of the First-called, named Apostle Andrew.

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