“The three kingdoms of Gavdos”- photo exhibition by PIFEA

Location: Agios Ioannis, Gavdos Island, North Crete

Duration: currently, until the 21st of September 2011

The exhibition accompanies the Global Referendum of the future of Gavdos and men held by the Pythagorean Institute of Philosophical Studies on the Immortality of Man-PIFEA.

All the photographs are from Gavdos and constitute suggestions for the visual representation of the three options for the future of the island, as presented in the referendum text.

1.                  2.                  3.






Invitation for participation-

“The three options for the future through your eyes”

How do y o u  perceive the three alternative options?

You can send us your photographs, one for each kingdom, to referendum (at) pifea.org.

The photographs will take part to an online exhibition, while the best among them will decorate the conference room of the PIFEA Institute at Gavdos.

Furthermore you can:

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