Philosophical Symposium

PIFEAA has the honor to announce the upcoming Symposium on the topic:

“Immortality as a way of Life”

The symposium will be held from 21 to 23 September 2013, on the island of Gavdos, Hellas.


Philosophy, in its modern form, consists of a set of definitions and axioms directly related to the arguments of people, who have not been alive and about for a long time, and which have not been challenged and tested by anyone.

We believe that philosophy is the living reasoning, which can not stop having reached a final conclusion, or full knowledge. Moreover, the reasoning can not be interrupted, by saying for example: “Now that we have reasoned, we can deal with something else, and at some point later we continue“. A pause in the reasoning means the death of the philosopher, since he is the example of his philosophy, and it is his very life, that presents and controls the strengths and weaknesses of his philosophy.

We invite people, whom, through their lives, came to the understanding that immortality is the sole aim of human existence and that this issue needs to be considered from all possible sides, despite the inconsistency and fragmented views , represented by different philosophies, religions, sciences, etc. We do not invite scientists, philosophers, guardians of truth and faith and the other founders of  death legalisation, since their views are already sufficiently known.

The symposium aims at the presentation of reports, where the positions of  ancient as well as modern schools  can be expressed, regarding topics such as: individual and collective immortality, scientific and non-scientific methods to defeat the mortality of the body.

Furthermore, we welcome reports, whose thematics were originally part of philosophy: literature and theater, as examples of immortal behavior, arithmetic and music, as examples of expression of the timeless relationships between the components of the world.

The reports and the discussion will take place in a round table and it will be followed  by tasting of  Hellenic and non-Hellenic wine, which the participants are asked to bring with them. All participants will be given chance to deliver speech, but no more than eight people simultaneously.

The organizing committee expects to receive proposals of practical application.

The Secretaries of the Organizing Committee:

Rachel Spiess, Eleni Skrekou


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