Open letter to the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe

To Mr. Nils Muižnieks, 

Commissioner for Human Rights,

Council of Europe

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Gavdos Island, Hellas, 21st August 2012


The Greek government is considering the matter of production of natural gas and oil in Crete and, in particular, between Crete and Gavdos, the southernmost island of Europe.

We realize that such a decision by the government of Greece and the European energy companies is supported by relevant arguments. We, the residents of Gavdos, consider these false and, therefore, will not allow the destruction of our way of life.

It is alarming and dangerous to start drilling in an area of seismic activity. Under these conditions, there are no guarantees for the safety of the operations. Let us remember Fukosima, where the nuclear plant was built, even though the periodicity of seismic activity in the region was already known. Thus, the destruction of the plant was calculated in its construction and operational plan.

The basin of the Mediterranean Sea, which, in contrast to the Gulf of Mexico, looks like a lake, will convert any local accident in an environmental disaster on the scale of the whole Mediterranean.

Gavdos is the last retreat of evergreen paradise in Europe. Here, nature has not changed irreparably under the impact of global industry. To our island, people from all over Europe come to rest , and to convert such a place to an industrial zone, for reasons of dubious financial interests, is a non-humanitarian act.

We do not believe that the production of gas and oil in the Mediterranean will save the economic situation of Europe, however profitable it is expected to be. It is impossible to rebuilt Europe’s economy with gas as the unique crutch. We believe that the economy must serve the people, and we will not sacrifice our lives for financial interests.

We disclose our opinion on this subject, prior to the start of the investigations of the underground resources in our region, so that when problems arise, no government and no one involved will be able to resort to excuses like “we did not know anything about that.”


1st To prohibit the extraction of oil and gas from the Mediterranean Sea.

2nd Gavdos and Crete to be recognized and protected as treasures of European Environmental Heritage.

3rd Any work with environment consequences, that takes place in Gavdos and Crete, to be with the prior consent of their citizens by referendum.


E.Skrekou, A.Yuzgin, A.Yudin, A.Yavtoushenko, M.Boroniec, R.Spiess, V.Skrekou, T.Diafas

4 thoughts on “Open letter to the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe

  1. I do not think that PIFEAA has anything to say about such matters!
    I find the idea of an open letter to EU extremely ridiculous!
    You disgrace the name of Pythagoras and I suggest that you change the name
    to Ponderaterraneans , fools that think they have the right to speak on behalf of the peoples of Mediterranean Sea.

    • Respected Riace,

      We do not intend to speak on behalf of any people, particularly the Mediterranean one. We just express the eternal knowledge of the way of organisation of the wholeness of the world, while looking for the ones who share this position and can participate to such activity.

      Obviously you also hold an opinion about wholeness, which we are quite curious to know.

      You can read what the Mediterranean people think about the matter of oil and gas exploitation at


  2. Obviously you are serving well known enemies of Greece and this cannot be hidden behind the paparologies (bullshit) you are saying about the ‘enviromental disaster’ … the only disaster we all see here is the disaster of your filthy existance and your absolutely burned to the ground mind .

    Its YΒΡΙΣ creatures like you to refer to the great Greek Pythagoras and we strongly suugest you to change a glorius name which has nothing to do with your idiot actions and to substitute same with the most appropriate ‘EFIALTIS’ one which is describing excellent your motives / actions and suspicious intentions….

    Be sure YOU WILL LOSE THIS DIRTY GAME YOU HAVE STARTED … and you better go for a petition to save ‘idiot people serving foreign interests’ as they will be in a great need soon.

    Nikiforos Fokas

    AOZ will be drawn very soon, so pls relay it clearly to yr Boss…

  3. When they asked Pythagoras who is the greatest enemy of man, natural disaster, disease, wild animals or criminals, Pythagoras said:

    “The greatest enemy of man is himself, for the damage he can do to himself, no one and nothing else can provoke.”

    From the same perspective we see the situation in Greece. The preference for temporary, morally obsolete tactical solutions and forgetting the strategy of economic development is a big mistake. Oil and gas extraction will not help neither Greece, nor Europe nor for any specific European country will it be helpful; all potential profit are already sold and bought, and consist contractual debts of the past.

    The mission of Greece is to propose a strategic solution from the current situation in Europe, particularly regarding the economic situation, for which a strategic solution exists; the transition from the idea of ​​economic development to the idea of a stable state of economy.

    Many economic problems derive from the immature cultural education of people. Developing culture, can solve problems, such as corruption, crime, poverty, etc., in short all the real questions that torment Europeans.

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