Symposium 2013

Immortality as a way of Life: an introductory note

We can agree that men by observing their inner and outer environment are co-building an idea about the way of life suitable for them and then create the particularities of life to suit this idea.  The Idea of Homo sapiens is indissolubly connected to a finite bodily existence. Following it, modern humans organize life, considering death as an inevitable preordainment, even for the most noble of the souls. Thus, they are born and die in solitude.

Some prudent men think that this is a proposal for humans to remain forever in their present arrogant and ignorant state and it equals insanity. In reality, the planet cannot support such a plan; it marginally sustains humans as it is. Others suppose that immortality is unwanted as boring: who wants to live forever having the activity of Homo sapiens? Both of these arguments are valid. The condition and the biological structure of present-day man cannot and will not be immortal.

Please do not grouch, the immortal spring does not know drought.

From the point of view of nature, humans are a miracle per se: they possess abilities that are far from anything that nature knows and could ever give birth to. The very fact that they possess such great powers, hints to the infinite responsibility of humans, in comparison to any other species on Earth. For the first time in our modern hi`story, our power equals the power of nature.

However, Pythagoras maintaines that the only failing of our world is the absence of Man himself. The very existence of mortality as an inherent characteristic of life, does not belong to the totality  and the integrity of the Idea of Man.

“          Oh! My Father in Light!  One thing I learned and only that: The irrational man is indeed a savage animal. But Man! Who is He? Much more than a rational ape, he surely must be! ”, once said I somewhat disappointed.

“          Alas! Don’t let doubt spoil your lofty soul, My child. For the mortal, Man is not. Man is Immortal!” replied Apollo gloriously.

With the blessings of our Father, we, the students of Pythagoras, consider the dawn of the 21st century as the most expedient time to publish our research on this exigent issue. The present form of the School acquires the organization of a research institute. PIFEAA is possible to appear only in the region of the island of Crete, at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

When we first came to Gavdos, we were looking for the source of philosophy in its motherland. Only now we realize that what we were really looking for is the very source of Man. Our finding is that this source dwells timelessly at the deepest roots of the existence of the Idea of the European Man. It lies at the core of the ancient Cretan world, where the first attempt in the continent to co-create an integrated local civilization of mortals and immortals took place.

The last years we have been experiencing an in-wrought metamorphosis at the workings of the School. The main way of its existence was what we called philosophical reasoning, φιλοσοφικός συλλογισμός on the eternal divine rules that construct and govern the worlds. We now see that as we approach immortality as a real state of humanity, as we approach the Immortal Man himself, in the context of the Institute, reasoning exists at the inter-crossing of three complementary directions: philosophy, theatre and play.

The  Philosophy  department is engaged with the communication with the divine field of knowledge and the research of the laws of the Immortal World creation. These are expressed in the Pythagorean Arithmetic and Grammar.

            The Theatre department is about the organization of the possible connections within and between groups of people and the invisibles, who construct the immortal qualities expressed in Man’s behavior, ethics and psychology. Theatre includes mystery as the direct communication with the invisible world.

The  Games  department is about the activity that gives voice to the kingdoms of nature – animal, plant and mineral, as well as to the world of objects, so that they also participate in the creation of the particularities of the earthly life.

Politics, art, science, technology, space exploration, are all toys for the Immortal Man.

Συλλογισμός (reasoning), as the structure of the word reveals (συν + λογισμός), expresses the sum of the possible ways of logos, which create the immortal state of being. And this totality appears at the inter-crossing of the human and the divine communicating participants who become indivisible and mutually educational to each other. In this sense, we understand the divine, as a group of pure qualities –  “gods” who represent fully the different aspects of the cohesive power of love.

Principally, συλλογισμός refers only to a group of named entities who meet for the sole intention of acquaintance and co-creation. Thus, the reasoning on immortality as a way of life can be fully sustained and presented by the minimum number of eight visible participants, eight different students of the School. The octave exhibits maximum connectivity based of the pair of different ones. Difference in all possible ways guarantees the completeness of the representation of various manifestations of the embodied life, I.e. gender, nationality, religion, scientific background, etc.

Some esteemed readers may be tempted to think of some reports as naïve or ivory-towered. It is exactly at the point of tension, of disagreement is the place of our Work. In the area of the meeting of the different ones lives the possibility for the agreement  on the activity that grants Us the power to win over all possible kinds of separation,  the power to be Immortal.


Scientific and non-scientific approaches to immortality

 At different times the PythagoreanSchool has taken different forms. But the mode of activity has always remained the same – the comprehension of the essence of things, personal acquaintance and conversation, the highest state of which is philosophical reasoning. Now the main task of the school is building an immortal state of humanity. For this, we established the Pythagorean Institute of Philosophical Studies of human immortality.

Institute is a group of people of different nationalities, different specialties, types of thinking and life experiences. Many of us were scientists: physicists, chemists, biologists, psychologists, linguists and engineers. We know a lot about the outside world which science explores, describes and transforms. But science doesn’t answer to questions about the sense of this work, about the idea of man’s appearance. You can be a good specialist, a brilliant scientist but these virtues do not bring you to understanding human characteristics, including yourself.

In order to figure out the essence of man which is deeper than his visible needs and interests, we turned to philosophy as a source for cognizing the world and the man, the source of science and art, of logic and intuition. We came to live in Greece on Crete – a country where the ancient philosophers defined a European way of thinking. Here for the first time appeared the idea of man’s formation and we are now on the verge of discovering man’s humanitarian properties per se.

As a philosophical School we uphold a holistic approach to the way of life. This means that there is no preference for the spiritual or for the material world, for the past or for the future. Problems must be resolved here and now, rather than shifting the responsibility for them to the next generation. With this approach you can not escape the consequences of your mistakes by leaving the body, the embodied world.

A holistic approach means that everything we do is aimed at the creation of the world, for example, within the island during the time of the Symposium. I’m beginning to see all the events from the position of this integrity. Everything that is happening at this time is important: the cast of participants, what will be said, felt, how we live these days. Important is everything – from the content of the dreams up to the events in Syria. Realizable power of the word is so great that with speech we, to a large degree, determine the possibility of human immortality.

We are looking for and educating the properties of a man per se, trying to understand what in him is worthy of immortality, what is destined for an eternal life in the body. What should be the conditions of our lives, what we should do in order to open the possibility for changing the properties of the soul and the body where there is no death as a concept? We learn to distinguish the difference between the mortal and immortal man’s content of life and morality.

If morality exceeds caring about owns survival, if man’s relationship to the surrounding world is not determined by his consumer interest, then he can establish unmotivated eternal bonds. In this case, morality is determined by connections in the whole. And what on the previous step of the world development was ethical, on the next step may not be so. Now in the world of science in order to study the properties of the living thing, it is necessary to kill it and to dismember into parts suitable for study. Within the boundaries of modern ethics it is considered normal. But in terms of the holistic world where plants, animals and people have equal rights to life, such actions are criminal. The question of scientist’s moral responsibility for the results of his work occurs if morality is not internally inherent to him, if it can be “turned on and off.”

If we define science as the activity of the immortal man, it appears that his impact on the world of animals, plants and stones is an encounter and cooperation between the different levels of existence, the quest to find for each of them a place in a constructed world, to give a new meaning to their existence.

A man has an inherent property of integrity. He contains all levels of existence: from the minerals to the animal cell. Genetic differences at the DNA level between us and chimpanzees are around 1%. And a small difference in genetic code is expressed in the human body by the presence of speech apparatus and the developed hand.

The source of speech, of ideas that we implement is on an invisible plane. The connecting organs to this plane and the possibility to create bonds and things that do not exist in nature, that did not exist yesterday in the world is what distinguishes us from animals. Thanks to the invisible sense organs we make discoveries, write poems and music. This work is called inspiration, talent, ability of a scientist, a writer, a composer to penetrate deeper into the topic and to reveal it. Different cultures called the creatures of the invisible world that help people in the creative work differently. In Greece they are muses. If you focus attention just above the head you can feel their presence right now.

The immortal man thinks and perceives the world not just by himself but by integrities that he builds, linking the visible and invisible worlds.

The eight organs of communication

What distinguishes us humans, from all other existing species, is the way we communicate with each other. Through speech and writing we have the wondrous power to shape not only the world around us, but also ourselves.

When we communicate with each-other, it becomes obvious that very specific organs of our body are actively involved in the communication; we easily discern the voice, the ears and the eyes.

To these we can add two more, the heart and the hands. The heart that follows the rhythm of the conversation and gives the possibility to feel our interlocutors. The hands are involved in communication by their movement, which  underlines the spoken words, with writing down the words and through the handshaking. The hands are also the members of the body which are able to materialize the results and the ideas that arose in the conversation and till now didn’t exist in matter.

So, we are in the proud possession of five physical organs of communication that serve the communication with the visible world.

Except the visible world, exists as well the invisible. In the School of Pythagoras, they both have the same rights. Except the embodied organs of communication, exist three further, fine senses, which allow us to communicate with the invisible beings; the gods, the angels, the muses and others. We call them the three invisible organs; they are the clairvoyance that corresponds with the physical eyes, the clairaudience corresponding with the ears, and the wings that make us able to touch the invisible, they correlate to the hands. Opposite to the embodied organs, the subtle ones are not limited by space and time and have access to past, present and future times and places.

The eight communication organs function analogous to the organization of the physical organs in the human organism where all the organs are dependent on each other, where each has its specific function and where the integrity of the organism is ensured only by their interaction. They also express the relationships between the gods in the invisible world, because they also function analogous to the organs in the organism. However the gods do not take up a certain place and have no fixed boundaries, they are subtle and bodiless, they can penetrate each other. They express various types of connection.

Imagine an organ suddenly says: “I’m fed up of all of you,” and goes. Similarly, also the gods do not have their own personal interests.

With the intention to manifest the divine qualities in the material world, eight people have chosen to establish  relations, as a composition of organs, each representing one. Through their connections, they create the common field, which is able to get in resonance with the gods.

Eight communication organs, eight men and eight gods are in resonance with each other and in their common field, in their common organism of communication, appears immortality. The worlds unite and nothing is secret anymore. There doesn’t exist a question without answer, no problem without solution. All different types of separation, including death are overcome!

This type of connection, and thus immortality, is not given. We must ensure it through daily continuity and further through our actions into practice. The first step in the direction of the resonance of the eight organs in between them, is the cultivation of the three thin, invisible organs, that are till now the most unknown to us, for example during the mystery.

The mystery

The mystery is a collective activity from different participants, at a special time and a particular place dedicated to the direct communication with the invisible beings. We humans as a representative of the visible world would like to connect with the subtle essences, by becoming similar to them; clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsensitive. During the mystery three priestesses, three Pythias, take the leading role, because they represent the three invisible organs. These enable them to see, hear and feel the invisible beings.

The mystery is a revelation and it is an initiation. We get initiated to the divine qualities. We need them in our relationships with each other and they act from now on in our daily lives. Our life becomes a perpetual mystery where everything, including miracles, is possible.

What the participants experience during the Mystery, they express with their spoken words. We approach the Immortal Man, because the Immortal Man is a talking man.

We declare with our whole being, our connection with each other, the gods and all the inhabitants of the other kingdoms of earth, and these relations are nothing else than the expression of our eternal and absolute love.

Personal choice in the matter of immortality

Life is a series of certain important events that an ordinary mortal man goes through: birth, marriage and death. Having lived this way long enough I was left completely alone and of no use to anybody. What kind of future awaited me? An old age with its ​​illness and death. Indeed, speedily old age approached, sharply decreased vision, hearing, sense of smell, etc.. Experiencing the signs of the impending death I at the same time understood the hopelessness and futility of the life I lived. Being in a dead-end state I made ​​my choice – went to the unknown, to the school of Pythagoras.

At first it was very difficult to understand anything – what was said and done what I saw and heard. All this had to be somehow digested inside, compared with my previous ideas and images which were the same as everybody has.

However, very soon came the understanding that I absolutely do not know the world where I lived 60 years. From this fact it is possible to conclude that as a result of life I lived I turned into an idiot.

Being a long time in the school I began to cognize and comprehend the real world and gradually my perception of the world has changed radically. I started having a larger look at everything going around. It turned out that a huge part of what happens to us we do not see. And if from this perspective we look at the activities of classical medicine – a science with which I was involved so many years, it becomes obvious that such medicine is spiritually deprived because it does not know and does not understand the role the invisible beings play in treatment. A divine help is always nearby.

Somewhere in my subconscious there was a desire  that I did not comprehend clearly – to find non-traditional method to cure. And all of a sudden I got the following text.

“In the beginning of time there was no science but there was a certain occupation called Divine craft. Gods were creating the world and  man was entrusted to arrange it. That had a tinge of studying it but not only that. Gods, deprived of tactile and ethereal sensations, saw in a man a mediator in the spiritualization of nature. In a sense these sensory abilities allowed him to communicate with the world of rocks, plants and animals. Particularly gifted people in their aspirations reached the celestial spheres and stars, the depths of waters and earth. Men were sense organs of gods. The separation of man from God turned the Divine craft into magic. Modern scientists are people who used to be magicians and now are devoid of memory and magical powers. Only few of them are given to remember who they were before they die. However, divine craft they lost. But today, in the twilight of the technological world, it is possible to apply this craft which would be useful for creating “the Miracles of the Οne Thing.”

This heaven sent message was a great miracle for me. I was thrilled!

Soon I went through an Initiation, have consciously rejected the old meaningless life and my hands were consecrated. Initiation for me was the first step to enter into the spiritual world and also acquisition of the right to work with the visible and invisible beings.

Participation of soul in the creation of the immortal body

Man must know that he is immortal and that he is collectively immortal. Departure into personal soul, into independent life leads to the formation of one’s own “I” dwelling in solitude. A human being becomes a man or a woman, loses the divine hearing. His connection with the dead and the living, with a huge and wonderful world of beings is interrupted, in other words takes place a division of soul and body.

In ancient times people were familiar with gods and communicated with them directly. They knew the philosophy of world creation and participated in the affairs of the gods. The gods endowed men they distinguished with qualities and abilities beyond the capabilities of ordinary people. And everyone knew that competing in the arts, literature, Olympic Games and so on a man does not act alone but together with a certain deity. In those blessed days there were many attempts to create an optimal body emphasizing a basic quality of a Being. Many of those beings were immortal and were between the gods and men. Thus was created a centaur – a being in which a man and a horse were one. The human component was immortal and passed that property to the animal body.

There were other forms such as mermaids, minotaur, etc.

What is now called the myths and legends existed in reality. It was an attempt  creating a world that is whole. Description of these events by non-participating observers or by participants with limited views does not give a complete picture of that time. And especially perception of the world by modern independent people who have lost touch, vision and hearing, which makes it impossible to see through the millennia clearly.

The Christian Church recognizes only the immortality of the soul which after the death of the body flies either to hell, where it goes through the cleansing, or to the Garden of Paradise, where it dwells in a state of bliss. But there are also the wonderful words of St. John the Theologian speaking of the immortality of man:

“There is no the shame of the second death.”

The second death rights the first. From the first death there is only shame. How to die without leaving the physical body? Not to acknowledge problems of the living. In the world of the living there is a sequence of birth, marriage, death. In between these events people adapt to life, give birth to children (not knowing whom they have given birth to), then accept the inevitable growth of children and grandchildren and their own withering. Moving on this wheel of life a man gradually loses its soul, exchanging it for everyday temptations. In the end he comes to death and loneness.

If the person has a need to change the habitual life and to build it differently, most often he cries out to God trying to touch the Divine Soul. But no standard prayers help.

We believe that the only way is reasoning, involving different ones: man, gods, the living, the dead, angels, entities representing the full set for description of the whole world.

Coming into contact with the Divine Soul man becomes aware of his homeland. He is drawn to the Source. We consider Crete to be the ancestral home of man. More than 5,000 years ago man already lived in a holistic, balanced world where gods, people, dead, animals and plants lived in one world hearing and understanding each other. In the kingdom there is no need for orders and restrictions, everyone knows what needs to be said and done now.

Literacy, culture and philosophy of Crete are so much older that the world is just left to recognize it. Culture of France, Germany, Russia, etc. and even of Greece is so much younger than Crete’s. Cretan script provided the basis for many European alphabets. The nearest to Crete Greeks, more than others, inherited the philosophical foundations and lifestyle of Cretans. Moving away from the source, the Cretan culture and philosophy started dividing into parts depending on nationality, religion, etc. In turn, Greece gave the alphabet and writing to Russia.

Over the last century Europe lived through many wars and perturbations. All attempts at economic and political agreements and alliances do not lead to stability. The world must recognize Crete as ancestral home of culture and philosophy and build a relationship with it on a humanitarian basis. The requirement – is open negotiations and the absence of secrets.




When you encounter the word Immortality you realize that this is something to reflect on, philosophize and act upon, i.e. to do. And to do, it happens, is not so easy.

Immortal can be seen if you carefully look into the man. He exists. He is distinguished by right and instantaneous actions and conduct. A man possesses an immortal Word. The word is immortal.

All religions come from one source. This source is the Word. In the Christian doctrine Christ is the God of the living Word. Word is alive. By the word Christ healed, raised from the dead, his word entered the ears of everybody.

Christianity existed while Christ was alive. He appealed to all with the Word which they heard and believed.With intercourse he made everything around alive. The word is heard and understood by the kingdoms of animals and plants.

God created Man in His own image and likeness. This means that man is originally immortal. The soul and the body are the links of one chain the capability of which is immortality. So it was from the beginning. The man in the body possesses immortality! The examples of this are the bodies of the Mother of God and St. John the Evangelist that disappeared after their death.

If the word is immortal, a man having the word is also immortal. Having the Word man uses speech. It is important to find the right word in communication, to say it on time – it is one of the defining things for building a new man. The philosophy builds intercourse and reasoning where there are no boundaries between the living and the dead. It builds a bridge between man and the invisible world of beings. When we communicate we reason and seek the essence of things, get to know each other and strive for agreement which is more important than just a personal opinion. Communication itself is work in which a soul labors as well. A timely joke is a partner of a new man, of the immortal divine soul. Our PythagoreanSchool has a single divine soul that aspires to immortality in the body which is built collectively.

A spiritual consciousness appears in a man and helps him to pass through afterlife in physical body, to go through a second death different from the conventional human death. Βy having point of choice that appears in a situation where you can, in resolving this situation, survive hell and get through a real second death – death that turns the time of life in the opposite direction towards construction of an immortal man.

We turn around and go back to our original image. Recognizing God in each other we, with speech and reasoning, are building a new world – a place where literacy and conduct are possible, where everything is interconnected – things, deeds, signs and their meaning. In this the humor and joke can help us. Only with the lightness of humor it is possible to see and find a way out of the giving situation.

Theatre of Life – Mystery (mortal and immortal scenarios)

Midway upon the journey of our life

I found myself within a forest dark

(Dante’s Divine Comedy)

            We, the eight, currently represent the border guards standing on the border of life and death. It happened due to the fact that we are together. All of us were faced with a choice – to continue mortal scenario in which we, as in Dante, are destined to a certain death or to stop it.

All of us are out of time beings that play roles under the names Katerina, Anna, Alla, Eleni, Rachel, Marek, Gennady, Tatiana.

After meeting at the School of Pythagoras we started remembering what  we have been incarnated for. It turned out that we were brought together for a purpose that, for all its vastness and impossibility, can be formulated very simply – overcoming death.

…To begin with let’s try to consider three causes of death of humanity.

1. The knowledge of death and expectation of it.

2. Excessive gravity generated by a sense of worth, lack of a sense of humor.

3. Artificial relationships represented by so-called humanistic psychology. Masks.

It is unfortunate that, at one time, man consented to the death.

Let’s imagine a picture in which man does not know about death. Reaching maturity he stays at that age. Is this possible?

It is hard to imagine what a man, his behavior and deeds should be like. But at least we know what he should not be. And it is already something.

Our reasoning about how to change the paradigm of mortal man to the paradigm of man immortal, led us to the understanding that it is necessary to create the world, to build a way of life where death is constantly absent. It is impossible to do something and relax. Every day we are passing the exam for immortality.

We are confident that the answers to all questions are hidden inside of us.

We chose the game of the immortals and this is the daily transformation of everyday routine – the Mystery of everyday life which is impossible without the Theatre.

Theatre, in its highest sense, is Mystery. It is an activity of creating the world of the immortal man. In this world it is possible to stop time, to run it back, in short, to create area of timelessness where humans will have time to get to know each other. Deep down they can pass through the afterlife without abandoning the physical body.

We have written several criteria of theater.
Theatre is a fearless entry into the situation and more than that ,it is a quest and creation of tension for the purpose of its resolution.

Theatre is the spontaneity and ease of changing roles depending on situations. Now we say that the true name of a man is not the one given to him at birth, but the one that corresponds to a given situation. Names like roles can not exceed the time of their life. It is like a fugue – the second voice enters at this particular time, the third, … the seventh. Theatre is a violation of the sequence of everyday routine by non-standard moves and actions that overstep social norms.

We insist that our only activity is the activity of recognition and creation of the state of human being. We write a scenario with ourselves in which death is absent. After all, to do it in one human life is impossible.

Thus, we remove the fourth cause of death – the lack of conscious activity.

We are the last

People by their behavior have driven themselves to non-human relations. The activity, that destroyed the gods, insured man’s solitude and independence of a child who is left with one step till self-destruction. In this sense, we say that we are the last.

Together with the world we have gone all the way of its development. Together with the world we came to this critical point, accumulated the critical mass of errors.

We think that we are not alone in dealing with an issue that actually has only one answer: the immortality in the body. This means that the world has to change in such a way that it becomes possible for an immortal man to appear. And equally a man has to change in order to build this world.

Crete is a place that remembers the time of an integrated world. The breath of this world is still here.

Listening to the stories of old men about Zeus often visiting a neighboring village, you understand that it could not be otherwise, simply because a way of life corresponds to a way of thinking and what is said matches what is done.

Retaining Crete as is, the gods have left us a chance – a possibility to build an integrated world in the place where it once was. This is a very generous help and a very generous gift. It is given to us now at a time when expires the agreement about Crete’s dependence on Greece. And that is another topic of our Symposium – Crete as a place that is given to us for building the Kingdom of an Immortal Man.

All that has being said in the above talks, all that being done by the School of Pythagoras and its students, i.e. by you, dear participants of the Symposium, all that gathered us together and it says that we can stop being the “last ” in the sad history of the Homo sapiens, and choose to be the first in  a totally different story.

The first in the history of Man, for whom immortality is not a frightening luxury but a way of life, the necessity that is worthy the activity of that Man. It remains just to make that choice.