Pythagorean School imagines

The Pythagorean Institute of Philosophical Studies for the Immortality of Man represents a part of its research on Arithmetic, Geometry and Grammar.

Click on the picture below to open the video with Hellenic subtitles or here

with English subtitles here



Pythagoras 011_0003


You can also read the text on Geometry in English here


One thought on “Pythagorean School imagines

  1. Hello from Thessaloniki,

    sorry for the late, late reply. It has been very hectic here with me, as I am making major changes in my work life so I can have more time to spend on the things I love. But at the moment this is almost impossible. I would love to keep editing in English your work, and hopefully will begin at the end of the school year(May), if you would like this of course.

    I tried to watch your video, but it has been taken down.

    I hope you are all well on the beautiful island of Gavdos,

    God bless you all, give you fortitiude and strength.



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