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The Future of Europe

The Future of Europe

Summary of the Symposium “The Future of Europe”, Gavdos Island, Hellas

The entire European civilization sprung from the loins of the Pythagorean School and PIFEA recognizes its responsibility for the mode of thinking, the history and the present condition of Europe.

It so happened, that already in the ancient times, the rule that philosophy has a priority over particular interests of unconnected sciences and beliefs, was broken. Today’s Europe adheres to the remnants of philosophical tragedies that led to the present-day chaos. Because of that, PIFEA must analyze the present condition of Europe and has to construct the viable ways for developing the European civilization. Continue reading

Letter to Mr. Barroso and Mr. Putin

We are presenting you with the summary of the symposium on “The Future of Europe” that took place towards the end of 2010 in the most southern point of Europe, on the Hellenic island of Gavdos.

We are writing to you, since we cannot find an appropriate department involved in the questions of European construction from the philosophical point of view. It appears that there is no-one else to discuss these issues with. Continue reading