Results of the Global Referendum on the Future of Gavdos and men

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PIFEA presents the

Results of the Global Referendum on the Future of Gavdos and men

 The voting for the Global Referendum on the Future of Gavdos and people started on July 21 and ended on September 21 of the current year. The text of the referendum was posted on the websites of PIFEA Institute , and on five boards in different locations on the island of Gavdos, in the Greek, English, German and French languages.

The visitors of the island could vote in situ, by taking a pebble with the symbol Ω from the box of their choise. Overall,  more than 2.000 pebbles departed from Gavdos together with the visitors and are now located in every corner of Greece, Europe and beyond, reminiscent of the participation to the referendum, as well as the three kingdoms of Gavdos.

For some, the voting process constituted an adventure, as it was unclear whether they had to take or give a pebble, or even move pebbles from one box to another. On the other hand, children saw the voting as a game and were moving joyously the pebbles between boxes. So, in the process of counting, in some places it was found that the final number of pebbles on the first option “Gavdos, the island of Myeuro, the Kingdom of mortals” exceeded the original amount placed in the box.

Nevertheless and despite the various interferences, we retain the faith that, due to the participation of the gods, the outcome of the voting represents a true picture of the opinions of people.

Analytically, on the 21st of September 2011, the voting produced the following results. The option Gavdos, the island of Calypso, the Kingdom of Oblivion obtained the majority of votes. Altogether, 991 people (Gavdos: 977, web: 14) suggest Gavdos to remain a last paradise on Earth, where one can forget about one’s problems, together with the disappointing development of the modern way of life.

The second place is taken by the option “Gavdos, the island of Apollo, the Kingdom of the Immortals” with 798 votes (Gavdos: 718, web: 80).This option is for those who visualise the creation of the world of man through communication and dialogue.

The third place is taken by the option “Gavdos, the island of Myeuro, the Kingdom of mortals“. 388 people (Gavdos: 383, web: 5) see the world realistically, suggesting the further development of the world of objects, but not the change of man per se.

In fact, Gavdos, being a condensed model of the world, contains all the three aforementioned options, which cannot stand alone and independent from each other. Instead, they are neighbouring and, sometimes, lack distinct boundaries between them, thus penetrating one inside the other.

As scientists engaged with the issue of the immortality of man, we are interested to know the real state of the world. The term “immortal” refers to a complex issue and a state of being that can not be offered as a gift or imposed on someone. All those who voted in favor of mortality or oblivion, are confident that the achievement of immortality either belongs to the realm of fiction, or is just impossible, or even threatening to the present state of the world.

Nevertheless, despite of the various opinions there may be on the three offered options of the referendum, what now appears to be overly important is the fact that 2,177 people believe there is still a possibility for humanity to make choices. Many things that today are presented as facts, once contituted themselves subjects of choice. The life of human beings on Earth and the current construction of the world results from a series of choices made in the past.

We wish to thank the 2,078, out of this year’s 20,000 visitors of Gavdos, who expressed their vision for the future of the island and men, as well as the 99 people that participated to the Referendum through the world-wide web.

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  1. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on. You’ve done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

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