Epistle to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople


To the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome  and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, His Holiness Bartholomew I

 Gavdos Island, Hellas, 12th of September, 2011

Your Holiness,

The Pythagorean Institute of Philosophical Studies for the Immortality of Man – PIFEA considers that the cause of the humanitarian crisis in the world today is the separation between scientific approach and religious service. The scientific “achievements” led humanity to the brink of self- destruction, while science itself became a modern idol, promising solutions to every problem, without considering the relevant ethical questions.

In numerous press reports is indicated that science is very close to changing the genetic code of humans, so that in the next twenty years, aging will be eliminated by therapeutic means. Something which, essentially, means the appearance of the possibility of immortality. It is obvious that such a science ignores the spiritual, as well as the philosophical side of this issue, failing to distinguish between the meaning of immortality of the body and content of everlasting life.

Religion, accepting its weakness, handed over to science the ability to resolve problems, whose spiritual side remains, nevertheless, crucial. PIFEA considers that a fine example of the depth of the relationship between science and religion can be found in the School of Spirit and Philosophy during the era of Basil the Great, with the Byzantine Orthodox Church being the direct heir of this distinguished culture. We address to You the proposal to make a new step in context of this tradition, by performing a Holy Mass in the place where science reigns indefinitely.

The conquest of space is rightly considered the peak of scientific achievements, while the sky, as before, is considered the house of God in the minds of people. According to the Holy Gospel:

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  

                                                                                    (Matthew 18:20)

These words indicate that the spiritual Sky is between humans and the void space is positioned at maximum distance from the House of God. Therefore, and since space is a difficult place for conducting religious events, making a Divine Liturgy at the International Space Station will not only be a feat of priesthood, but a supreme act for the resurrection of faint in the misguided souls.

We addressed the present proposal to His Holiness Patriarch Kyril I of Moscow and All Russia and to the Russian Federal Space Agency-Роскосмос. We understand that this is a gigantic task requiring the cooperation of people from different disciplines, including, among other things, writing a new text suitable for the celebration of Holy Mass in conditions of absence of gravity and concepts such as “up- down”, “East- West “and so on, which puts the operation in similar circumstances of divine creation of the universe; the construction of a relevant church space-station; the collection of donations for the financial support of the program, and the dissemination of the information on the maximum significance of this project.

Nevertheless, we are highly convinced that this laborious effort will contribute to the understanding of man’s purpose on Earth, by suppressing the arrogant mind in the glow of faith.

Respectfully Yours,

Eleni Skrekou


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